Disinfection Services

Rely on Sani-Tek Environmental Solutions to Protect Your Property

Want to protect your family or employees from viruses like COVID-19? Covering your cough and keeping your distance from other people will help prevent the spread of disease, but without dependable disinfection services, your loved ones can still be at risk. That's why Sani-Tek Environmental Solutions provides top-notch services that neutralize viruses on contact.

Help stop the spread of disease - contact our crew today to schedule our services.

What do you need to know about our disinfecting services?

When you hire us to disinfect your home or business, we'll use EPA-approved products from List N, to disinfect your space. Our products:

  • Protect surfaces for up to 90 days
  • Step 1: We use an EPA registered N list Disinfectant
  • Step 2: We then apply a non-toxic sealant.
  • Effective against most forms of bacteria, carcinogens, and viruses such as human coronavirus