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Keep Your Property Safe

When it comes to fighting the spread of disease, it takes more than a quick scrub of your home or business to be safe. That's why the experts from Sani-Tek Environmental Solutions use an airless sprayer, electrostatic sprayer, or fog diffuser to eliminate harmful viruses.

A certificate of our services will be provided upon completion of treatment that can be posted or shared with your tenants, staff, and clients. This will give them reassurance that you are protecting their health and work environments with our proven sustainable treatment and sealant applications.

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Check out our disinfecting process

Check out our disinfecting process

Depending on your situation, our team will apply disinfectant with one of three options

  • Airless sprayer - this technology is highly efficient and can help our crew cover large spaces quickly
  • Electrostatic sprayer - this device allows our solution to wrap itself around and cling to the entire surface being treated due to the positively charged electrons
  • Fog diffuser - this method evenly distributes our EPA certified solution over every part of your property

Step one of the process: The disinfectant is applied using an airless sprayer or fog diffuser. After the product has dried, the second part of the process commences.
Step two of the process: A protective sealant is applied over the treated areas which will shield and protect the surface for up to 90 days.